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Cable Rail Quick Connect Fittings

Feeney cable-rail quick connect is a great fit for a variety of cable systems, from long category 6 cables to short category 6 cables. Our 18-cable set up is perfect for these different types of systems.

Feeney Quick Connect

Feeney is a quick connect and a great company for those times when a electrician is needed right away. He is also a great company for those who need him late at night. The people that work for feeney are really friendly and helpful. This company is definitely worth looking into for quick connect needs.

Quick Connect Cable Rail Fittings

This feeney 9905dl quick connect cable rail fittings is perfect for 18 cable rail applications. It is made of stainless steel and has a black anodized aluminum frame. The fittings are double hung and come with a tight-fitting sea-gum hydrophobic coating. this feeney 9903w cable-rail quick-connect surface-mount fittings is for 18 cable diameter mesh and di water systems. It is a european standard and compatible with a variety of mount systems. The fittings are easy to use and are available in a variety of colors. feeney cable-rail quick connect lag fitting is a perfect fit for your cable rail. With its simple design and hindsight mcmasterdonald has the best quality control in the market. The feeney cable-rail quick connect lag fitting is a great choice for businesses and the like who need to connect cables to and from a computer case. feeney's cables have a quick connect surface mount fittings. This fittings is used to connect different types of cable to a graphics or other surface.