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Craftsman Quick Connect Drill Bits

This is a 4-pack of craftsman quick connect drill bits in a clear case. The bits are black and are inspired by a modern drill. They are made with high-quality materials and come with a 14-inch hex shank. Make sure to get the bits when they are back in stock!

Craftsman Quick Connect Drill Bits Amazon

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Top 10 Craftsman Quick Connect Drill Bits

The craftsman quick connect bit set is a great way to keep your craftsman tools organized and in one place! The set includes set of 2 craftsman quick connect drills and 1 carrying case book. This set is perfect for taking with you when you leave the house, or when you're ready for some work on the farm. this 3- piece set of craftsman quick connect drill bits is a great value for your money. You can be sure that you're getting a quality set of bits when you buy this. The bits are 16381 and they are made of stainless steel. They have 14 npt connections and they are worked with a tool. this 3-piece set includes 16381 studs (14 in npt) from craftsman. They are a good quality, heavy-duty thread and are made of durable materials. The bit has a sharp point and is easily accessible with low clearance. It is good for using with machines and devices that require a drill bit with a good tight fit. the craftsman quick connect drill bits are the perfect solution for keeping your work moving forward. The bits are power driving set and make well with the popular 54-pc size quick connect chips.