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Emg Quick Connect

Our quick connect cables are perfect for flying suits or large shapes. They offer excellent output and are long enough to reach the ground safely.

Emg Quick Connect Cables

The quick connect cables are perfect for burse cozy’s big data applications. They are long and.

Emg Quick Connect Cable

The new emg quick connect cable is perfect for emg solderless quick connect cable. This cable is active 9v wire and features a new 8. 5in size. It is perfect for using with emg solderless quick connects. the new emg quick connect cable offers an active pick up for better epidemics. New motors issued -81 -85. This cable offers good epidemics for use with electronic devices. This emg quick connect cable is a good choice for those looking for a resolved connection between your guitar and battery. The cable is less likely to lose power and is more likely to be able to connect to your guitar's battery quickly. This is a 3- conductor, quick connect cable that is ideal for use in a neck area. The cable is shiny, smooth, and has a natural look and feel. This cable is easy to use and is perfect for sports and guitarcitting applications.